Room Etiquette

Trading Room Rules

  • We encourage the use of a fun Trading Name or “Handle” when you set up your account. This will be your Trading Personality, or persona.
  • Be courteous.
  • Tweet and Retweet your trades with #SP500EminiRoom.
  • Post Your Trades for 100% Transparency:
    • Post your trades on Entry: Date, Time, L/S, Basis
    • Post you trades on Exit: Date, Time, L/S, Cost Basis, Exit Price, R = -/+X
  • Only Post and Tweet A Trades, and if there is something controversial about the grade or your trade, please explain your choice to take that trade.

Special Guest Rules

  • You are in the room to observe behind the scenes.
  • The information you are exposed to contains “trade secretes”, and material¬† that is protected intellectual property.
  • Please ask question of the Members.
  • Do not try to learn our methods in one day
  • You are here to establish 3 things:
    • 1. The SP500 Emini Trading Group is 100% Transparent in their trades.
    • 2. Regular people can trade like the millionairess and billionaires.
    • 3. It is Easy to learn to earn over 500% per year Return on Investment (ROI).