Our Trading Record

Everyone always wants to know the SP500emini Group Trading Record. This question is asked for a variety of reasons, and can usually be interpreted as: “How much money can I expect to make trading the Standard & Poor’s 500?

So let’s examine the question from that angle with three key points:

  1. Our group is 100% Transparent every day in the trades we take in the trading room. Our trades are Tweeted in a “Sweet Tweet” and posted in chat every day. Each trade is the personal business of the moderator at the time and members cannot expect the same result by simply following the room trades.
  2. We are not a broker or trade calling service. We are a trading group that is moderated so you can easily understand the analysis of each trade once you learn the trading methods.
  3. Each individuals member’s success will be dependent on how well they follow the rules and how well they keep their Personal Trading Record and manage their risk according to their personal performance. Everyone will have a different result that is unique to their own decisions.

Live Trading Results

One secret to our success is a major Trading Rule #1: Only Trade Live Money While Maintaining Minimum Trade Key Performance Indicators (MTKPI).

We evaluate our Minimum Trade Key Performance Indicators For Every 20 Trades as follows:

  1. Record must have at least a 50% Win rate.
  2. Record must earn Net Points equivalent to least 50% of Total Trade taken.

If a membrane falls outside of this requirement, Live Money trading should immediately stop before the Member increases their risk potential.

Return Expectations

Therefore, we have a Solid Return Expectation based on actual performance, so our track record is not of issue: THE TRANSPARENCY OF ARE TRADES ARE.

  • If a member is not meeting the Minimum performance the trading stops.
  • If the member is meeting the minimum performance requirements, we know the m minimum returns to expect.

Minimum Requirement Calculation Examples

The table below demonstrates the concept of good risk management is to gain consistency and rather than target more points, increase trading levels.  Please discuss this concept in detail with your Trading Mentor.

Note: 1 Point Move * 1 Contract = +/- $50.00

Contacts Traded Total Trades Taken Gross Profit at MTKPI
1 500 $   12,500.00
2 500 $   25,000.00
5 500 $   62,500.00
10 500 $  125,000.00
20 500 $ 250.000.00
1 750 $   18,750.00
2 750 $   37,500.00
5 750 $   93,750.00
10 750 $ 187,500.00
20 750 $  375,000.00
1 1,000 $    25,000.00
2 1,000 $    50,000.00
5 1,000 $ 125,000.00
10 1,000 $ 250,000.00
20 1,000 $ 500,000.00
40 1,000 $ 1,000,000.00
80 1,000 $ 2,000,000.00